Many Cultures, One People

Prairie Prism 2016
Multicultural Community Event 

Prairie Prism is about interaction, sharing and learning. 

With the exponential growth of newcomers to Saskatoon there is a perceived need to increase share and learn opportunities. By bringing together members of the community such as schools, businesses and potential employers, settlement agencies, multi-faith groups and ethno-cultural communities, the opportunity to network and collaborate is enhanced. It is also a way to cross cultural divides and decrease possible myths about people and cultures. The interactive displays in particular give people the opportunity to learn a craft or skill and at the same time, interact with each other on a human to human basis. 

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2016

Time: 1pm-6pm

Location: Mount Royal Collegiate 
     2220 Rusholme Road 
Saskatoon, SK, S7L 4A4

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  Multicultural Showcase

  International Foods

  Diverse Entertainment

At the Prairie prism 2016 event, we will have performing art groups and artisans from different cultural backgrounds such as Chinese, Syrian, First Nation, Russian, Filipino, South American, Bengali, and many more ...   

Story Telling:
Story telling is an intercultural and intergenerational sharing experience of people from all walks of life! 
At the Prairie Prism 2016 you will hear personal stories from people with different cultural backgrounds such as First Nation, Afghanistan, Syria, Congo, and many more... 

You will also have the opportunity of
Making Dream Catchers 
Learning to Play an Indian Musical Instrument 
Folding Origami
Making Kites 
Learning to Play Ukulele
and much more of interesting crafts for all ages ...